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Why do Tradies need Insurance?

Tradies face plenty of risks and hazards every day on the job. From injuries to mistakenly damaging someone’s property, lots of things can go wrong. A tradesperson’s job is anything but easy. They’re constantly working with heavy machinery, high voltage equipment and other dangerous tools that could lead to serious injury or even death.

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen. That’s why Trade Insurance is so important. Being held responsible for causing harm to someone or damage to their property can lead to very expensive legal claims and damage your reputation. These events can quickly spiral out of control and lead to bankruptcy. Tradesmen Insurance can protect you and help pay for damage to property, injuries and legal fees. 

What is Trades Insurance?

Trades Insurance can protect you from having to compensate for unexpected injuries or damages that happen at work. Whether you’re a sole trader, own your own business, or employ a team, this policy can save you from a world of financial pain. 

What Insurances do I need as a Tradesperson?

Tradies need to consider two types of insurance to protect themselves. First public liability, covers the financial risk associated with injuries and damage to property at work. The second policy is product liability, which covers incidents that may happen after the work is done. These policies can also be extended to include tradies tool insurance options, which covers your tools and equipment.

Nobody wants to be left financially ruined because of an accident. Even tiny events can lead to huge legal costs. No matter whether you’re a plumber, bricklayer, concreter, carpenter, or electrician, you need protection. You wouldn’t go to a worksite without your steel cap boots, so don’t start a job without the right insurance.

If you’d like to learn more about this policy, speak to Ausure Coastal. As specialist trade insurance brokers, we have years of experience helping tradies in a variety of industries find the perfect cover to suit them.

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